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Smart Meters

Gepdec has acquired a reputed metering company and the company has supplied more than 2,00,000 DLMS electronic meters to various utilities in India like UPPTCL, SBPDL, North Bihar power distribution & DVVNL. The company has developed single-phase and three phase smart meters also.

In the year 2012, company had introduced first smart meter in India and it was successfully implement in Pondicherry in power grid.

  • Single Phase Static Meters
    Meter Rating – 5.30A, 10-6 A
  • 240 Volt – 40% + 20% of Ref.
  • Standard applicable – IS -13779/CBIP – 88
    Tamper & Fraud protection
  • 35KV abnormal voltage/frequency motetxn
  • 3Q dual source meter for society/multistorey building
  • Three Phase Static Meters
    Indian Standard – IS 16444, 13779, 15959, 15884
  • Reference Voltage(Vref) – 240 V
  • LED Detail – kWh, kVArh
    Degree of protection - IP51
  • Total weight of Meter - 1.2 Kg approximate
  • TOD- Zone - 8 Zone configurable


BLDC Technology- BLDC motor stands for Brushless Direct Current Motor and as the name suggests, it works on direct current electricity. This motor converts the input of alternate current into direct current, and hence this technology works smoothly even at low voltage or power fluctuations.

Gepdec strongly believes that for our better tomorrow, we shall save energy today. Based on this concept, we have developed energy-efficient BLDC fans which save 65% energy. These are noiseless fans with Smart IoT and app based.

  • The Main Features That Beautify This Technology Are:
    Energy Saving
  • Remote Control
  • No Heat
  • Noiseless
    Boost Mode
  • Sleep Mode
  • IoT Compatibility

Here is the comparison of BLDC Fan and Ordinary Fan

Why BLDC Fans Are The Best


  • Unit
    30 Unit
  • Energy Use /Year
    97 Unit
  • Electricity Cost
    ₹ 630

Ordinary Fan

  • Unit
    75 Unit
  • Energy Use /Year
    243 Unit
  • Electricity Cost
    ₹ 1701